Material Retail Dumps is a short-form podcast with brief but valuable content for independent retailers selling clothing, home goods, stationary and more. As business owners we don't have time for a 30-minute lesson with a ton of banter, that's why we created our podcast. We get straight to the meat of the topic and aim to give you actionable information that will help you optimize your retail operations and make more money every day.

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Don't Get Taken Advantage of by Vendors

This is the third and final episode of the series about not getting screwed over and keeping more money in your own pockets. This episode speaks about vendors and how ...

Don't Get Taken Advantage Of By Employees

This is the second in a three-part series about not getting taken advantage of and stolen from. This episode talks about employees and ensuring we keep as much of our ...

Don't Get Taken Advantage of By Customers

This is the first episode of a 3 part series designed to help you get taken advantage of less. There are many ways to make more money in business, one easy way is to l...

Running Paid Ads: Google Performance Max

In this episode, we talk about paid ads and the Google Performance Max program. We'll quickly dive into setting it up and starting to get sales from this program. It's...

Doing right for your business

This episode talks about how doing right for your employees, customers, and yourself will end up making you a more successful business owner. Listen to hear some ideas. 

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